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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Day 29 is momma to be!

This beautiful Lady is expecting her 2nd child right away and I had the pleasure of capturing her in all her glory ofView full post »

Day 28 is more babies again!

This little guy was born at over 10lbs!!!!! he is 1 week old here and probably the size of a 2 month old.  He was suchView full post »

Day 27 is more babies!

More babies – tis the season maybe?  This little guy came a month early at a mere 5lbs he is one week old inView full post »

Day 26 is such a fun family!

This family was so fun – with their 4 year old son who had a love for birds and desperately just wanted to goView full post »

Day 25 is newborn baby!

This little cutie was so cute I got the chance to photograph his mother during her pregnancy, and enjoyed photographingView full post »

Day 24 is an indoor engagement

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of photography this couple at the Grande Prairie college.  I have the honour ofView full post »

Day 23 is catchup on blogging and daily images

So the next mmmm 7 days will be blogging of whole sessions instead of image of the day – its still images justView full post »

Day 22 is an oldie but a goodie

This photo was taking while camping on the May long weekend in 2009 with the Boyds at Sturgeon Lake – it snowedView full post »

Day 21 is the Grande Prairie Regional College

Not the best photo of the college but in the gloomy winter its still a very pretty college!View full post »

Day 20 is the pretty evening streets of Grande Prairie

Grande Prairie with fresh snow downtown can be so pretty in the eveningView full post »

Cat vs Dog is what day 19 is all about

So Mozart the new dog has been slowly getting to know Bloom, our cat.  They know don’t mind being about a footView full post »

Day 18 and lunch

I ate at the pita pit today…a healthy whole wheat wrap full of veggies and turkey…….I decided to shareView full post »

Day 17 – christmas is over…

I put away all my decorations but i keep forgetting to take down my wreath….Maybe before Valentines Day?View full post »

Good scotch makes day 16

My husband loves to collect whisky/scotch.  This bottle is a Johnny Walker Premium Blended Scotch/Whisky – itsView full post »

Day 15 is full of more babies

Now this phot was taken previous to the 15th bu t I delivered the disk of photos on the 15th so I figure it can count asView full post »

day 14 is Mozart

Ok so enough of my dog right?  But sometimes its hard for me to get new daily photos when I’m working sessions soView full post »